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Bicycle Florida: Moving on From Perry

We had enjoyed a nice little stay in Perry, FL, but this trip is not about staying in one city and I was ready to move on. We had been in Perry for about a week and the next stop on our journey was Cross City, FL.

The road was much more smooth from Perry, FL to Cross City, FL. On the way out of Tallahassee, we had to stop and walk up numerous hills and the trip took us all day. However, after checking out of the Perry KOA we rode for a good couple of hours and got closer to the city much sooner. Unfortunately, we ran out of water, which is not a thing to do on a hot day in Florida! Then the bicycles kept getting flat tires and we had to stop and pump them back up. My husband was getting tired and I kept pushing him on by taking smaller breaks. As soon as the tires were inflated we continued on.

Still, on one stop he insisted on taking a longer break. Seeing how much smoother the road was had really motivated me. Plus, I was looking forward to finding a hotel room when we got to Cross City, FL. Yet, I eased up a bit on him; partially because I knew we only had about 10 more miles to make it into the city. As we waited on the shoulder of the road, trying to figure out what to do with those worrisome flat tires a man pulled up in a big red pickup truck and shouted, “Hey! Got a flat?”. He gave us a ride on into Cross City and dropped us off at the Carriage Inn at my request. He was glad that I had chosen this location because he has to get to his job at the auto parts store which was just about next door to the inn.

When we arrived in the city my husband realized that we had left the air pump on the side of the road. For some reason, this seemed to amuse the nice gentleman that had given us a ride. That was rough, seeing as we had just bought that air pump at the Wal-Mart in Perry and my husband’s bike was already on a flat.

This little dinky motel was very expensive! About $80. 00 a night for two people. The internet there did not work and the place was old. It was clean but old and the guy that worked there (I think he was the owner) told us we could not take our bikes into the room, which was a thing I had become used to doing even in higher quality hotels. He said it was because there would be oil spots on the carpet.

Well, there went our dinner money. But in that position, I did not feel like I had much of a choice but to stay at this hotel. To top it off we had to buy a new air pump (ironically at the auto parts store where the guy that gave us the lift worked). My husband needed some time to fix his tire and I wanted to get some work done (which unfortunately I could not even do because of the poor internet speed). We bought a new air pump, some Ramen Noodles, and got some rest.

In the morning my husband told me that the air pump, a foot pump, did not work very well and he wanted to exchange it for the other one that was in the store (there were only two in the whole city). I went to the auto parts store and the guy that had given us the ride was behind the counter. He politely exchanged the first pump for the second, but not without introducing me as the lady that got a flat on a bike and left her pump by the side of the road.

I took the new air pump to my husband who was waiting outside the store. This pump was a traditional hand pump, but a few minutes into him pumping I heard a loud “Pop!”.

“Well,” he said ” This one’s broke. Go back and get the other one”. (Oh boy! Just what I needed!)

So I went back to the store. The guy was busy this time. I asked for the pump back – the one that I had just returned not a few minutes ago.

So we took off, or at least attempted too. However, we did not get more than two blocks away from the store when my husband announced that his tire was flat (again). So we stopped in a vacant lot. I spread out the blanket that I use to sit on when we take our breaks and waited for him to find a solution. He proceeded to put patch after patch on his tire, walking back and forth to the nearby tire shop to use their water for finding holes.

I was getting a bit anxious to continue on my Bicycle Florida trip. So I meditated and I prayed. There was no way I could spend another night in Cross City (emphasis on the “Cross” part of it). I sang and paced and prayed. Eventually, we were able to get back on the road.



At Work While I Bike Florida

So the reason that many people never go off on such an adventure as to bike Florida and the cause of why they might like to take a bicycle touring trip across Florida but never get to do it is not that they don’t have the nerve to do it. It is because they have to work. There are things that they have to do and they are worried about where the money will come from. I personally have never been a rich person in my life; in fact quite the opposite. I must confess that I have stayed in a few shelters in my life and have been the receptor of much hospitality and charity, but not on this trip. That was years ago.

Now, as I bicycle Florida I work online. I am a freelance writer and work for some online companies as well as a few private  clients. There are some writers who make thousands of dollars every week. Well, I am not one of those either. My clients, however, do like the content that I create for them.  They consider me to be an excellent writer (although I also must confess that the style of writing I do for them is much different than how I write here, so don’t be so quick to judge!). I write website content and high-quality SEO articles. It helps them to get traffic to websites. I also have ghostwritten ebooks. I am a Yahoo! Voices Contributor. You can find profiles for me on Odesk, Elance, Freelancer,,, and many other sites that I cannot name off of the top of my head! Hey, if you ever need site content or an article marketing article or two (or more) just look me up.

I even like to float around in the Warrior’s Forum every now and then and wrote a great ebook about online money making called The Truth about Online Money Making How to: A Millionaire Lifestyle Portal. (If you are interested, the ebook is only $7 and you get 5 bonus ebooks for free that have some very valuable information). Yes, it is a long, funny name, but it is great for those who are new to the idea of making money online. I gave it to a few of my online friends for free and it really seemed to help them out a whole lot.

The only real challenge that I face on the job is where to locate a plug to charge up my laptop as I ride a bike across Florida. I have a pretty nice laptop, but the battery does not last as long as I would like. Right now, as I write this post, I am sitting in a McDonald’s and using their plugs and free wifi. Other restaurants offer free wifi, but only McDonald’s seems to be good about actually providing some electrical outlets for wifi guests.  Maybe one day the other restaurants will catch on. (UPDATE: Starbucks is now the place to go, as a growing number of McDonalds don’t let customers stick around more than 30 minutes or less to use the Wifi). The days of trying to get customers to eat and leave as soon as possible is long gone and no longer the most profitable way to run a restaurant. Instead, there are many internet gurus making millions of dollars by sitting in a restaurant and working online, like the Coffee Shop Millionaire (yes, it’s an affiliate link). One day I hope to have swagger like him!

However, when you Bicycle Florida you will soon find out that there are a lot of small towns in between the big towns that do not have the luxury of a McDonald’s or even a library. However, usually there is a gas station or somewhere that I can at least charge up the battery some. In those times I rely greatly upon my Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go. Sure, I know that Sprint and Verizon are more popular with people, but my life has no room for contracts, unexpected charges, and hassles. I tried Sprint before for a cell phone and was very disappointed.

Nevertheless, I am able to get a lot of work done. I travel in between major projects and stop in towns to hang out for a few days while I get some work done. Truly, I love working on the internet for the freedom that it brings. You can do just about everything online that you need to. I recommend this line of work to anyone that is literate and can type. The greatest thing about making money online is the unlimited income potential. You do not have to wait around for a boss to notice your talents and promote you. You do not have to be confined to waiting for a paycheck every two weeks. You do not even have to dress a certain way (as you can see from my picture). There is so much freedom in it. You can make enough money to sustain your daily needs, pay off the occasional bill, or go all out and become one of the great online millionaires who make thousands of dollars a day. Best of all, you can even bicycle Florida.

Bicycle Florida: My Stay in Perry, FL

Perry, FL is very grown-up for such a little town. It was my first stop on my journey to bicycle Florida.

I met a man with a grill of gold teeth and a red bandanna on his head while in Wal-Mart that seemed very proud of his city. Mind you, I never approached the guy, but I heard him asking my husband about the girl he was with while I was in the bathroom. Then I heard the guy say “Lisa? Ain’t she that light-skinned girl? Yea, man. I know you go with a light-skinned girl and you came to this city to see her.” I thought “This guy doesn’t know anything about me! Why is my husband even talking about me to this strange guy?” Then, when I came out of the bathroom, my husband went into the men’s room and I started to wish that he hadn’t because the guy started talking to me and asking me all these questions about why I was in Perry. He stated that he knew everybody that lives in Perry and if I did not know anyone in Perry, Fl I must be the police. I told him that I was only traveling. I did not mention my aim to bicycle Florida.

Then I asked him if he had ever traveled to which he proudly replied that he had been in Atlanta for the last thirteen years. This was a shock to me and I asked him the first thing that came to my mind which was, “If you have been in Atlanta for the past thirteen years, how could you possibly know every single person who is in Perry?” After all, in all of that time it is more than likely that new people could have moved to Perry, Fl without his knowledge (of course I am aware of the fact that I am taking this guy too seriously, but HEY! treat everyone with respect). To this question, he ran to the aid of the nearby Wal-Mart cashier, saying “Everybody in Perry knows me! Hey, don’t you know me?” The lady waved her hand and said, “I am staying out of that conversation!” The guy insisted again that if I don’t know anybody in Perry that I must be the police. To this I replied, “When you were in Atlanta and did not know anybody how would you have felt if someone had said that you were the police?”.

He stopped questioning me at that moment and an old man in one of those electric Wal-Mart shopping carts slowly scooted past us. He looked worn-down like he had been working incredibly hard his whole life. The guy with the red bandanna on his head said ” You see that guy? He’s got a real gold chain and drives a Cadillac! Watch! I am going to take all his gold and then drive that caddy!” He begged me to come to the doors and watch him rob the guy, which I sternly refused. Still haven’t heard any reports of a robbery at Wal-Mart in Perry, FL that night.

Nevertheless, my experience with that guy is not an indicator of what Perry, Fl is really like. After hiding out in the woods a couple of days while waiting for some money from my writing jobs to come through we moved into the KOA at Perry, FL and stayed there for three days. I have to say that the place is pretty nice and a great place for campers to stop and stay, especially if you are on a mission to bicycle Florida! There is a pool, laundry room, nice bathrooms with showers, a mini golf course that is brand new ( I played my first ever round of golf there and got two hole-in-ones!). The staff is very nice and helpful as well.

One of the ladies that worked there told me she was hitchhiking, got to Perry and liked it so much that she decided to stay and work the KOA. The only thing that I did not like was all the roaches in the tent sites. There were more roaches there than I ever saw while staying out in the woods. They walked all over the top of my tent like there was a buffet up there or something! I had to keep catching them and throwing them outside.

After my three-day stay there, I decided to continue on my journey to bicycle Florida.

Bicycle Florida: Tallahasee, FL to Perry, FL

Sometimes inspiration sets in and you do something that you would never have done otherwise. I suppose somewhere in the back of mind had always been the idea to bicycle Florida. This is not the first journey that I have taken without the use of motorized vehicles, but this is the first time I have ever attempted to bicycle Florida. The trip from Tallahassee, Fl to Perry, FL took us two days.

There have been other adventurous trips in my life. I have earned the reputation of being a wanderer, but never did I think I would actually bicycle Florida. I with my husband and our son took a three-month walk from Memphis, TN to Oklahoma City, OK. I must say that the adventure was a lot of fun for us all, as well as very enlightening and faith-building. That first trip is part of what gave me the gall to bicycle, FL.

This time, our son is not with us. It is just my husband and I. Roberto was excited to bicycle Florida. I can always count on him to go on some wild adventure with me. Hey, my computer, my bicycle, and a few other things were all the equipment that I needed. Experience has taught me that God will provide along the way, rather other  people are loving or not. We sold what we could from the house and set out to bicycle Florida.

The first part of the trip took us two days. Tallahassee sits in a whole in the ground (or basin or something like that) and there were a lot of hills to go over that slowed us down a whole lot. We do not yet have any baskets or trailers for the bicycles, we have been carrying everything by strapping it all to the handlebars with bungees and cords. My bicycle was quite heavy and I had to walk up the hills. At first, it seemed that it was not going to be as easy to bicycle Florida as I thought it would be. The weather was incredibly hot. We went through a whole lot of water and had to rest frequently in the shade.

We rode until it was night and then spread the blankets out in the woods when it got dark. It was not my first time sleeping in the woods, but it was my first time sleeping in the woods without a tent. I thought the bugs would get to me and that I would be covered in mosquito bites when I woke up the next morning, but that was not the case. We packed up and continued on our journey until we made it into Perry, Fl. Finding a site to camp at night, we slept in victory, Having made it to the first stop in our attempt to bicycle Florida.

It is not easy making it up all those hills outside of Tallahassee, Fl with all this stuff on my bike and a heavy bookbag on my back, but we are determined to bicycle Florida.

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