Bicycle Florida

…as I camp, fish, and bicycle Florida

At Work While I Bike Florida

So the reason that many people never go off on such an adventure as to bike Florida and the cause of why they might like to take a bicycle touring trip across Florida but never get to do it is not that they don’t have the nerve to do it. It is because they have to work. There are things that they have to do and they are worried about where the money will come from. I personally have never been a rich person in my life; in fact quite the opposite. I must confess that I have stayed in a few shelters in my life and have been the receptor of much hospitality and charity, but not on this trip. That was years ago.

Now, as I bicycle Florida I work online. I am a freelance writer and work for some online companies as well as a few private  clients. There are some writers who make thousands of dollars every week. Well, I am not one of those either. My clients, however, do like the content that I create for them.  They consider me to be an excellent writer (although I also must confess that the style of writing I do for them is much different than how I write here, so don’t be so quick to judge!). I write website content and high-quality SEO articles. It helps them to get traffic to websites. I also have ghostwritten ebooks. I am a Yahoo! Voices Contributor. You can find profiles for me on Odesk, Elance, Freelancer,,, and many other sites that I cannot name off of the top of my head! Hey, if you ever need site content or an article marketing article or two (or more) just look me up.

I even like to float around in the Warrior’s Forum every now and then and wrote a great ebook about online money making called The Truth about Online Money Making How to: A Millionaire Lifestyle Portal. (If you are interested, the ebook is only $7 and you get 5 bonus ebooks for free that have some very valuable information). Yes, it is a long, funny name, but it is great for those who are new to the idea of making money online. I gave it to a few of my online friends for free and it really seemed to help them out a whole lot.

The only real challenge that I face on the job is where to locate a plug to charge up my laptop as I ride a bike across Florida. I have a pretty nice laptop, but the battery does not last as long as I would like. Right now, as I write this post, I am sitting in a McDonald’s and using their plugs and free wifi. Other restaurants offer free wifi, but only McDonald’s seems to be good about actually providing some electrical outlets for wifi guests.  Maybe one day the other restaurants will catch on. (UPDATE: Starbucks is now the place to go, as a growing number of McDonalds don’t let customers stick around more than 30 minutes or less to use the Wifi). The days of trying to get customers to eat and leave as soon as possible is long gone and no longer the most profitable way to run a restaurant. Instead, there are many internet gurus making millions of dollars by sitting in a restaurant and working online, like the Coffee Shop Millionaire (yes, it’s an affiliate link). One day I hope to have swagger like him!

However, when you Bicycle Florida you will soon find out that there are a lot of small towns in between the big towns that do not have the luxury of a McDonald’s or even a library. However, usually there is a gas station or somewhere that I can at least charge up the battery some. In those times I rely greatly upon my Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go. Sure, I know that Sprint and Verizon are more popular with people, but my life has no room for contracts, unexpected charges, and hassles. I tried Sprint before for a cell phone and was very disappointed.

Nevertheless, I am able to get a lot of work done. I travel in between major projects and stop in towns to hang out for a few days while I get some work done. Truly, I love working on the internet for the freedom that it brings. You can do just about everything online that you need to. I recommend this line of work to anyone that is literate and can type. The greatest thing about making money online is the unlimited income potential. You do not have to wait around for a boss to notice your talents and promote you. You do not have to be confined to waiting for a paycheck every two weeks. You do not even have to dress a certain way (as you can see from my picture). There is so much freedom in it. You can make enough money to sustain your daily needs, pay off the occasional bill, or go all out and become one of the great online millionaires who make thousands of dollars a day. Best of all, you can even bicycle Florida.


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